Air Purifier - Works great for smoke

Posted on September 14 2020

Air Purifier - Works great for smoke

Air Purifier


Having to clean breathing air in your room is essential. But a lot of people say that clean air isn't possible anymore because of the air pollution that has been at high risk these years.  So because of that, the air that gets in our rooms is filled with visible or invisible dust, and it's polluted. So how we can fix this, you may ask? Why not try using an Air Purifier. The IQ 50 Air purifier is the perfect product for you. 

iQ 50 Air Purifier

So let's talk about what air purifiers do. The air purifiers reduce the molecule concentrations of pollutants and deliver you fresh and clean air. They can come to a lot of help for those who are having allergies or asthma. And also it can be very helpful if you have someone who is smoking in your home.

They have filters that are called HEPA filters, and they help in purifying and cleaning the polluted air. The cleaners recirculate the air by getting the small particles trapped so they can't proceed to go into the air. And by research, it's proved that 99.9% of the dust is removed.

How do they work

For the Air Purifier to start working first, it needs a small entrance of energy. So that the fan can spin, then you also need the HEPA filters. After the fan starts spinning, it pulls all the polluted air into the HEPA filters, and they trap all of the particles. And the air that is let out of the Air Purifier is clean and refreshed air. But after some time using it, the filters might need to get replaced. Because if they don't, then you might get the same polluted air.

Cleaner Air: The primary advantage of an air purifier is basically to improve the general neatness of your indoor air by evacuating contaminants. Taking into account that the EPA gauges indoor air can be 2 to multiple times dirtier than open-air, this usually is significant.

Top 7 benefits of using an Air Purifier:

Clean Air:

One of the best and primary benefits of all air purifiers is to simply clear the air in your room and remove all the dust in your air. And an interesting fact is that your room air is 3 or 5 times more polluted than the air that's outside.

More Healthier Air:

Not all air purifiers have the germicidal ability. In any case, those that do, have the Air Purifier can help keep your family sound and keep your HVAC framework from spreading germs starting with one debilitated individual's room then onto the next.

No More Odors:

By catching airborne particles, air purifiers help control odors. For instance, they can help make your home smell fresher quicker after cooking or smoking tobacco.

Allergy Control:

If anybody in your family experiences occasional hypersensitivities, they must have a room where they can be in with the numerous kinds of dust and forms that may trigger their allergy. An air purifier can make it into a protected and clean room.

Less Pet Mess:

Whether you are sensitive to pet dander or tired of managing vast amounts of hair and tenacious pet scents, an air purifier can help.

More slow Dust Buildup:

No issue how regularly you clean, you will consistently wind up with a lot of dust in your home. After all the majority of the dust you see is out of the human skin. After putting an air purifier can help you stay cleaner.

In the end, if you need an air purifier that will clean your room you should try iQ 50 Air Purifier.

For larger areas also check out the iQ Pure Air 3000.

Air Purifier Large Areas

The iQ 300’s active technologies cause the mold, bacteria and viruses to turn harmless in a space upto 3000 square feet. This air purifier gives a new lease of life to the degrading air quality. Install the air purifier in your home and give back the lost freshness of outdoors in the indoor space

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