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iQ® Sweeper

A superfast broom and a dustpan in one amazing, cordless, portable device!

Lightweight, portable and cordless

Sick of breaking your back getting out your heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner? Are you constantly tripping over vacuum cords just to clean up a small mess? The iQ® Sweeper can help you there! Weighing in at less than a kilogram the iQ® Sweeper is light and compact to make your life easier! And because it’s cordless, you never have to worry about searching for an outlet to plug it in. This is one clever sweeper!

Easy to empty

Tired of getting down on the floor to clean up mess with your dust pan and brush? The iQ® Sweeper picks up pet food, cereal and much more with ease! And with its long handle you can quickly clean the mess standing upright. So easy! If you’re seriously over making a mess of your clothes after cleaning, then make it easier on yourself! The iQ® Sweeper is so easy to empty. Simply open the flap, and pour the mess into the garbage can! No more mess, and no more dirty cleaning clothes!

No more bending or straining

Unlike big and bulky vacuum cleaners, the iQ® Sweeper weights less than 1kg and is free of cords! The iQ® Sweeper easily bends right under small spaces, so there’s no need to bend over and strain your back.

Adjustable height

It’s super compact and easy to clean. Simply open the flap and empty into the garbage can. Finished! The iQ® Sweepers height is adjustable, you can remove or add height to suit you!

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