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For more information on the Veito® Blade S 2500W Restaurant and Bar Patio Heater please download the PDF here.

Why use the Veito® Blade S 2500W Infrared Heater for your restaurant and bar patio? Here are the benefits: 

Health & Safety

The health and safety of your customers is essential, and it is often a big concern when one is buying a safe heater. The Veito® Blade S 2500W Infrared Heater core temperature does not get very high compared to other conventional heaters. Additionally, its heating element is well protected with a metal sheath on the standing heater. With tip over protection, it shuts off immediately and cools in seconds. Most importantly, there is no fan - reducing circulation of dust, allergens and other air particles by 75%. Safe Heating.


With an infrared heater, you will be saving on your heating costs by more than 50%. This is mainly because the heater only heats specific parts of the area that you want.

Portability and Versatility

The versatility allows you to move it from one table or area to another with ease. These same Veito® heaters are used in various indoor and outdoor venues such as special event tents, large and small patio spaces, as well as venue line up areas for client comfort.

Versatility creating new revenue streams - With recent capacity restrictions inside, having a cost-effective patio heater is key to adding customers outside in cooler weather. It’s a smart choice. 

Please note the Veito® Blade S 2500W Heater is required to be wall mounted easily indoor or outdoor around your restaurant or bar however for advanced portability the  Veito® Blade 1500W Heater can be mounted on either our Veito® Optional Deluxe Stainless Steel Heater Stand (5.5kg) which is our premium quality stainless steel stand or our , lightweight and durable Veito® Stand - Optional Heater Stand (2kg).

Instant heating

It takes only 10 seconds to heat up.

Silent heating

Having a heater that does not make noise is very important in our lives, especially in restaurant tables that are noise sensitive.

Minimal maintenance

Another advantage of using an infrared heater is that it doesn’t require regular maintenance. The device doesn’t have many moving parts, and it does not have motors that will wear out or be required to lubricate regularly. All you will be required to do is to regularly clean the reflectors for optimal performance.


If you are at all concerned about environmental design, then the compact and sleek Veito® infrared heater is the right option for you. It does not pollute customer air because it does not use carbon combustion to add or remove anything from the air. You will be using it comfortably without fear of inhaling toxic substances or gases. Breathe fresh, clean, safe air.

Energy-efficient heat

Veito® brings to you a modern and compact design fitted with carbon fiber technology that can produce 25% more heat than regular heaters. Veito® heaters use very low amounts of energy. Conversion of Electricity to Heat is 100% efficient. This results in lower electrical bills and a better bottom line.

Warranty: 2 year limited

For commercial purchase information, special rates and to learn more about restaurant and bar patio applications please call Chris Penkoff at;

Redfern Enterprises

TF: 1-877-387-7770 ext 227 or Calgary Local 403-735-5130 x 227


101-127 Commercial Drive, Calgary, AB T3Z 2A7

Open: M-F from 8:30am-5:00pm.

Please note that due to COVID masks are mandatory.  If you are feeling unwell, have recently travelled from another country or have been in contact with someone with COVID, please stay home and self-isolate. We thank you for following health measures by distancing of 2 meters and wearing a mask.

Please also download our PDF here.



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