Health Benefits for KN95 Masks.

It’s getting pretty scary out there as the COVID-19 coronavirus looks to be getting worse in parts of the world, affecting business, travel, sports, and other events.

While we’re stuck at home, only venturing out to get the essentials, we’ve come to rely pretty heavily on online shopping. And when we do shop for items, they’re not always guaranteed to be in stock. Take toilet paper, thermometers, disinfecting wipes, and masks. It’s not always easy to find those products.


While the government has placed massive orders for the KN95 mask the use is mostly reserved for front line workers to safe safe and healthy. This is great as we certainly need them to be as careful as possible to continue to do the amazing work that they do. Recognizing that hospitals, first responders, and other caregivers need to be equipped before everyday type people, general consumers want peace of mind, too.

We seem to hear daily reports that in the very near future it will be recommended that the average person going out, grocery shopping and such, have seen health benefits by also wearing masks. It was understood that with a shortage that these types of frontline items need to go to health care professionals but now that they are taken care of, we want everyone to have that same protection.

With our many overseas contacts we have found a great supplier to get the quality masks needed for local use. Check out the factory below.

Our partner factory has rigorous testing to ensure these mask are of the highest quality and meet all requirements needed. As always we will monitor the situation in Canada and if front line workers seem in need again we will do whatever is needed to ensure their safety.


Come see more videos of the factory producing these life saving masks.