BackPlus® Hands On Massage Cushion

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Product Details

  • Full vertical range along your spine providing evenly distributed back pain relief
  • Powerful motors deliver a full shiatsu massage, giving you the effect of a professional masseuse
  • Three distinct zones (upper, middle and lower back) of massage nodes allow you to personalize your massage needs
  • Gentle heat relaxes the muscles in your back, allowing the Shiatsu action of the massaging nodes to deliver maximum benefit to tense and sore muscles

Treat yourself to the ultimate heated shiatsu massage.
Knead away deep aches and pains by combining theraputic massage and soothing heat.
This Swedish Shiatsu massage cushion creates a soothing massage that travels up and down your back with a state-of-the-art moving massage mechanism. It delivers quick heat for a more relaxing massage and it includes a programmable control with 3 settings.
It easily fits most chairs so you can knead away the tensions of the day pretty much anywhere you are.
The unit attaches easily to most seats and chairs for use almost anywhere. With easy to use programmed control you can customize your massage for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

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