Eurosteam® Steam Ezee WHITE



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A powerful handheld clothing 1500W steamer that refreshes fabrics and removes wrinkles is a classic ironing choice. Create an impression with the wrinkle free clothing in important events. Eurosteam Steam Ezee is here to change the dynamics of ironing solution.

The aesthetic design of the Eurosteam steam does not only look pleasing but also demonstrates some extensive features like the built in steam pump. The steam pump ensures that you get both the power of steam and steam pressure for an effortless ironing experience that yields better results. This steam can be used on different fabric ranging from denims to silk. It is so light in weight and convenient to carry that all your travel plans will now have you wearing wrinkle free clothes. Sanitise all your fabrics, children toys and all the stuffies with the Eurosteam steam iron. It effectively steams the wrinkles out of drapes, pillow cases, duvet covers and clothes.

The EuroSteam Steam Ezee package includes the deluxe attachment package containing the steam Ezee, a travel bag, a plate for delicates that have beading, sequins and rhinestones, a lint remover plate, brush plate and crease maker. Use the brush plate to freshen up your furniture and upholstery with the Eurosteam that helps remove odor and kills bacteria and dust mites. A crease maker is the most exciting addition to the package that clamps on and makes the perfect crease for pants, sleeves, collars and cuffs. This lightweight steam is less than 1 lb, making it easy to use and carry for travel plans.

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