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Find yourself running out of room on your stove top? This induction Cook Top is just what you need.
Equipped with a digital touch screen with LED readout is to operate and beyond helpful. Whether using just for large dinners or on a daily basis having just one extra burner can make dinner easier and faster.
Offering durability and functionality in one easy to store unit you can save time and money. This can even be taken with you to the lake, camping or to potlucks.
Super fast and easy to clean you will find yourself using the Induction Cook Top instead of your conventional stove top on a daily basis. You can boil water in 3 minutes, preheat pots and pans in minutes and cook quickly and evenly.

Cooking with an Induction Cook Top is simply the best way to cook, for professionals or the household cook. With induction cooking being more popular and more affordable than ever before everyone can enjoy the energy and time savings that this can bring to your home.
Using magnetic induction and with an easy to clean glass surface this induction cooker provides a powerful 500-800W AND 120V for fast heat similar to using a gas cook top but with the safety of no open flame. It is safe and energy efficient to use at home but is compact and light weight enough to use in your RV, cottage, office or any other small space that does not have room for a traditional cook top.
Boil water in 3 minutes, depending on the amount to boil, and with built in safety features like boil dry protection, over heating protection and voltage fluctuations security. Only the pot gets hot and not the cooking surface. It features 10 temperature settings from 60°C - 240°C, a digital timer from 5 minutes up to 180 minutes in 5 minute increments, giving you complete and instant control.
Induction cooking uses induction heating to directly heat a cooking vessel, as opposed to using heat transfer from electrical coils or burning gas. In an induction cook top, a coil of copper wire is placed beneath the cooking pot. An alternating electric current flows through the coil which produces an oscillating magnetic field. This field induces an electric current in the pot. Current flowing in the metal pot produces resistive heating which heats the food. While the current is large, it is produced by a low voltage.
An induction cooker is faster and more energy efficient than a traditional electric cooking surface. It allows instant control of cooking energy similar to a gas burner. Other cooking methods use flames or red hot heating elements; induction heating heats only the pot. Because the surface of the cook top is heated only by contact with the vessel, the possibility of burn injury is significantly less than with other methods. The induction effect does not directly heat the air around the vessel, resulting in further energy efficiency.
For safety and energy savings the Induction Cook Top is what you need. The cook top is small enough and light enough that it can be easily used and moved at home, RV, Cottage, work or for extra cooking on special occasions.


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