iPig Bluetooth Speaker



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It’s big, it’s bold, it’s Bluetooth and it’s a pig!!!
The Bluetooth iPig is the latest in the hugely popular iPig family and brings the convenience of Bluetooth allowing you to connect wirelessly to all kinds of different devices from smartphones to tablets.
With 25 Watts of 2.1 stereo sound through 4 speakers and a subwoofer in the belly you’ll be filling your Bedroom, Kitchen or Living Room with great quality sound. You can even connect your games console, laptop or MP3 player through the 3.5mm input so all your music is set free.
Suitable for vegetarians!

One little piggy went to market... Well our little piggy went to a party!
The iPig Bluetooth Speaker features four speakers and a built-in subwoofer with a bass reflex system, so you can enjoy a wide 360 degrees of sound that fills your room. It may not feature HAM radio, however our little pig is ready for all of your music and audio performances.
With two tweeters and another two for the mid-range, you can be sure your musical tunes will be full of detail and indeed powerful amplification. The built-in 4" subwoofer ensures all of your music genres are heard at their best, with clearly defined bass tones to complete the overall impressive sound quality.
The iPig is a stunner that brings a smile to everyone's face. With a cheeky grin and adorable eyes, the iPig looks delightful in any situation and is sure to attract attention for all of the right reasons.
The iPig Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect companion for all of your devices - including iPhone, iPad, mobile phones, smartphones, computers and Bluetooth dongles. This provides the flexibility to share your iPig with all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
If you want to hear music from a device that doesn't feature Bluetooth, no need to worry. Feel free to pig out with all of your devices that feature an audio output, as the iPig features a line-in port (and includes a 3.5mm - 3.5mm jack cable) so you can be sure all of your audio devices that feature a headphone port can be played back through the device.
With the built-in USB port on the rear of our piggy friend, you can give your usual phone charger the chop! Charge your smartphone at ~1 amps, so when you are using your smartphone to stream music to the iPig you can also charge your phone for lengthy musical sessions for even a few nights on the trot.
When you first turn on your iPig, a voice will inform you of the pairing status with your Bluetooth device. No need for a notification light, this pig has character and will keep you informed of any connection changes.
Gently touch the pig's ear to control whether you wish to switch inputs, and the other to pair with a Bluetooth device. Our little piggy friend also features a gentle green light appearing from its mouth, which looks delightful especially in the dark.

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