iQ® Xtreme Hand Held and Stick Vac Blue



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The iQ® Xtreme is a powerful light weight vacuum to clean your whole home. It works on any surface and can reach into the smallest of spaces. Just one tool to clean from top to bottom and inside or out.

Great for home, RV, cottage, garage, child car seats and so much more!

The iQ® Xtreme is a versitile vacuum that can clean like a hand held unit or be used as an upright stick vac. Making it easy to clean any surface in any place in your home with just one vac.

The iQ® Vac comes with multiple tools to suit the surface and to get into small spaces or hard to reach areas. Included with the vac are a large floor brush, crevice tool, a multi brush for small spaces and lint, 2 extension tubes a pet brush to easily remove hard to clean pet hair and a stoage bag to keep all you accessories together and handy for storage.

Features include the easy to clean dust collection cup with a one button release that will flip open the botton of the collection cup to eject dust and debris without you touching it. Reusable filter that only needs to be washed, dried and it is ready to use again and again. No more collection bags that need to be replaced and no more mess for you to clean. There are two ways to empty the collection cup by either using the handi bottom release or you can remove the collection cup from the unit, remove the dirt and wash clean.

Use the stick vac to clean larger areas and then convert to a hand held for smaller areas and stairs. The powerful suction is not diminished in either the stick vac or hand held vac use.

One Vac does it all.



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