Karaoke Microphone Player Silver

$79.99 $129.00


Product Details

Turn the volume up and sing along with the new karaoke microphone in silver colour. The modern design bundled with excellent sound quality will make the crowds cheer up in unison. The microphone is a portable wireless device with a speaker on the base to enable KTV live-sound projection with echo reverberation effects. Put on display your singing skills wherever you go with this classic karaoke microphone that adds celebration to your life.

It supports USB and Bluetooth connectivity which makes it simple to just pair it to your smart devices like smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops or even smart TV’s that screen mirror when paired. Do not miss out on any fun with this exceptional karaoke microphone that lets you access your playlists on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or Apple Box.

The unmatched battery power lets you play endless music for continuous 5 hours. It uses the 2600mA Li-ion battery that can be charged via USB DC 5V. The compelling features make it a compulsory addition to any karaoke fans list. Get exceptional sound quality with echo reverberation, amplifier options and other promising features with the karaoke microphone.

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