KN95 Disposable Mask (Pack of 5) Ships from Canada to Canada!

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Prevent germs from traveling via coughs, sneezes, and close contact with other people. These disposable ear-loop face masks is made of 3-ply soft, high-quality cotton, and non-woven fabric. 3D design that does not stick to wearer's face, they are comfortable to wear daily. One size suitable for most adults. 

Main Features:


  • One unit contains 5 pcs of 3D-Fit disposable face masks
  • 3D-Fit design: face mask does not stick to face during breathing, better comfort than typical non-3D face masks
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) ≥ 95% 
  • One size fits most adults
  • Made of 3-ply fabric including a layer of non-woven fiber fabric
  • Adjustable nose clip to fit your face

To better serve our customers we have noticed that although there is a shortage for frontline workers the Government of Canada has placed massive orders to meet their needs, but more information is coming out almost daily that more and more people believe that wearing a mask going out to do typical things like grocery shopping while wearing a mask does offer protection against viruses and germs.

In the beginning of this pandemic it made sense to try and focus these items for frontline workers as they are most at risk. Now that the Government has taken steps to ensure front line safety, which is very important, it's also time to make sure everyday people  have that safety and security also.

Check out what CNN has said about the public wearing face masks.

We care about your health and make sure the quality of this item is tested and authorized.





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