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Personal humidifier and aroma therapy diffuser. This ultrasonic Micro Mist Tower diffuser creates a micro fine mist of moist air to humidify and refresh the quality of the air that we breathe. You can also use aroma therapy oils in the Micro Mist Tower to create a finely scented or theraputic healing space.

With the Micro Mist Tower humidifier you increase the moisture content of the air. Using ultrasonic technology the Micro Mist Tower disperses a micro fine mist that stays suspended in the air longer than a heavier mist.  By staying suspended longer it humidifies the air longer and allows for better absorption.

This is especially important on hot/cold days, when heating and air-conditioning lower the humidity in a room. This in turn helps minimize the drying of the mucous membranes, as well as drying eyes and skin. The Micro Mist Tower humidifier counteracts all this in an extremely efficient manner and it also helps clear the air of pollen, dust and pollutants from the atmosphere decreasing the effects of the pollutants on allergy sufferers.

The water tank can hold 2.8 liters to provide long-lasting micro mist production, increased air quality and improve bronchial health. The intensity of the mist is adjustable to three levels using the front-fitted multifunction button to let you customize the mist to any setting.

Another feature is the aroma dispenser, which continuously emits essential oils into the air. These oils can be a mentally and physically stimulating scents or calming relaxing scents. Any essential oils or aroma therapy oils can be used in the Micro Mist Tower.

The small size and curved design of the humidifier not only allow it to be installed in virtually any location, but it also disappears snugly into corners while still adding to any room’s decor.

The Micro Mist Tower humidifier can be conveniently operated from a distance with the supplied remote control.

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