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Enjoy cooking but hate the prep time?
Roto Chef to the rescue. Roto Chef cuts through the prep work in no time. With high quality blades you can grind, slice, grate and shred vegtables, cheese nuts and more.
Designed to create perfect profesional food preparation in the quickest time possible. The Roto Chef is a handy kitchen tool that performs a large variety of tasks in one easy to care for unit.

Fresh in a flash. The Roto Chef 2.4 L, fourteen piece food prep system is truly a cut above the rest. Five different blades deliver perfect cutting results every time. Quick and simple, this clever kitchen aid requires absolutely no electricity--now you can grind and slice just about anywhere.
Crank it up! Slicing and shredding has never been easier. Just trim your ingredients to fit, place them in the lid and crank the handle. You'll be eating perfectly portioned fresh fruits and veggies in no time.
As the core piece of this Roto Chef system, the multi-functional lid lets you slice, grate, shred, or grind--with or without the nine-cup bowl. For those times when you want to work quickly without using the bowl, you can slice, shred, grate, or grind directly onto a clean work surface. When using the bowl you can prep food, snap on the fresh seal lid and store in the fridge until you need it.
Any way you slice it, this food prep system is a must-have for your kitchen. 

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