Stoneline® 28cm Square Pan with Aroma Lid



Product Details

Outstanding non-stick properties
Fry meat and fish like on a natural stone without using fat or oil –your food will not stick or fall apart. Thanks to the outstanding non-stick properties, the food can easily be removed from the cookware. Of course, you can also cook and fry using oil or fat, if you want.

Highly scratch-resistant
The coating of STONELINE® pots and pans provides a tough, robust surface, which is highly scratch-resistant.
Easy to clean
Thanks to the EASY-Clean effect, you can usually clean your STONELINE® cookware by using a damp cloth.
The best taste!
Gourmets know: Food cooked or fried in STONELINE® pots and pans really tastes best! Just try it!
The Stoneline Square Roaster can be used on top of the stove and in the oven. Great for roasting vegetables and meats.
The Aroma Diffuser allows you to put your favourite infused liquid (or wine) and this will infuse the flavour in your food while cooking in the oven.

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