STONELINE® 4 Piece Pot Set

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The PFOA-free coating containing particles of real stone allows healthy and non-fat cooking, prevents food from sticking and is easy to clean.

• Healthy and non-fat frying, just like on a natural hot stone
• Non-stick, no scorching
• Extremely hard and tough scratch-proof coating
• Easy Clean, inside and outside
• Suitable for all cookers, even induction

STONELINE® pots and pans have a unique, high-quality coating with non-stick properties and a tough, scratch-resistant cooking surface. They also have a magnetized stainless steel plate base nm thick for even heat distribution, no hot spots!

Outstanding non-stick properties
Fry meat and fish like on a natural stone without using fat or oil –your food will not stick or fall apart. Thanks to the outstanding non-stick properties, the food can easily be removed from the cookware. Of course, you can also cook and fry using oil or fat, if you want. 

Highly scratch-resistant
The coating of STONELINE® pots and pans provides a tough, robust surface, which is highly scratch-resistant.  Abrasion tested for long lasting durability 100,000 times longer lasting than ordinary non-stick pans.

Easy to clean
Thanks to the EASY-Clean effect, you can usually clean your STONELINE® cookware by using a damp cloth.

The best taste!
Gourmets know: Food cooked or fried in STONELINE® pots and pans really tastes best! Just try it!

This STONELINE® 4 Piece Pot Set (2 pots + 2 lids) has the smaller 18cm pot that is perfect for sauces and small meals and an extra deep 24cm pot that is ideal for pasta and soups. Excellent set for those looking for small pot set that does it all.

SAFE, reinforced stone coating made with no harmful chemicals, super tough.

Learn more about the STONELINE® 5 year warranty here.

Learn more about  STONELINE® maintenance and care here.

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