Stoneline® 5 Piece Professional Set

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STONELINE® Professional pots and pans have a unique, high-quality coating with non-stick properties and a tough, scratch-resistant cooking surface.
The PFOA-free coating containing particles of real stone allows healthy and non-fat cooking, prevents food from sticking and is easy to clean.

• Healthy and non-fat frying, just like on a natural hot stone
• Non-stick, no scorching
• Extremely hard and tough scratch-proof coating
• Easy Clean, inside and outside
• Suitable for all cookers, even induction

Stoneline® 5 Piece Professional Set is a great starter set for the Professional or Home Cook.  It is also a great addition to any other cookware sets.
The Professional Series has integrated the original Stoneline® magnetic base for ever heat distribution and is suitable for induction cooking. You also get the Stoneline® non stick surface for fat free cooking.
All handles on the Professional Series are stainless steel and bolted through. Professional Series is oven safe, up to 400°C.  Be careful as the handles do get hot.
Stoneline® Professional 5 Piece Set

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