Trolley Dolly

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Product Details

Trolley Dolly has finally found a way to easily carry your reusable bags that is neat and tidy and a way to pack your bags and make moving them a breeze.

Trolley Dolly is a convenient way to carry your reusable bags, meaning no more mess in your back seat or  having your trunk with bags all over.  Trolley Dolly uses Velcro to neatly organize and store your bags in one neat handy bundle.

It includes a complete set of 4 different sized reusable bags that attach together with Velcro. The bags are used to pack grocery items right at the check out as your items are scanned. The 4 colour bags simply fan out and spread across the top of most standard market shopping carts, allowing you to pack and sort at the same time.

Use the big bag at one end for the bulkier, lighter items; place the smaller, heavier items in the small bag at the front. When you get to your car detach each bag and place it in the trunk, return home and unpack, stack bags together, roll up and put them back in the trunk; ready for the next shopping trip.

Trolley Dolly’s are made of 100% polyester with nylon mesh at the bottom. They can be put into the washing machine once the plastic rods are taken out. They fit to any shopping cart that does not exceed 66 cm in width and weight wise, each bag will hold whatever you are comfortable carrying.

(May not fit all stores shopping carts)

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