Veito® Blade 1500W Heater Silver

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The aesthetical looking BLADE 1500W carbon infrared heater is equipped with power packed performance and a robust design. This infrared heater is slim and can easily fit in any indoor and outdoor space without taking much area. Use the new Blade 1500W Heater and get rid of the inefficient heating solutions. See the magic within 10 minutes of its operation. BLADE brings you warmth, inside or out and where and when you need it.


Infrared is the newest technology that focuses on efficiency. The infrared rays heat the objects and zones around it instead of wasting energy on heating the air. It replicates the functioning of the sun and provides warmth in the colder days in similar ways. This heater is the way forward to efficient heating solutions that are cost effective and environment friendly at the same time.


The Vieto Blade 1500W infrared heater deploys an efficient heating solution by converting 100% of the energy used into heat. Conventional heaters use the energy input to heat the air before actually heating the zones but the infrared heaters work on the principle of sun whereby heating the objects and zones directly. This heater is effective in uniform heat emission to remove the hot and cold cycles. Leave the heater on for only 10 minutes, within which the blade will start warming you up. This heater does not heat entire space instead just heat zones and individuals you want cutting back the rising energy bills.


The Blade is a classic addition to the family of Veito heaters. Equipped with a fixing bracket, it is very simple to mount this heater horizontally, vertically or suspending it from the ceiling. The sleek and elegantly designed heater occupies very little space making it a compact heating device. A full control remote gives you the freedom to operate it from long distance and set functions like automatic temperature control, timer settings or to adjust the heat levels. A protective exterior grill made of 304 stainless gives it sturdy performance and the plastic edges make it resistant to heat. Veito lays great importance on safety and ensures it by installing safety features like tip over protection, motion sensitive auto shut off and auto shut on, overheat protections and similar other features. To add a touch of elegance in your home or office decor, we bring you the silver model which is covered in high quality shiny aluminium. Adopt the newest heating wave with Veito and transform the dull office or home space into warm feeling and well-designed areas.

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