Enjoying Portable & High Quality Sound This Year
Looking for the perfect gift? A pair of Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Buds may be just right for you. Redfern offers a variety of high quality wireless earbud styles that will help you enjoy your music or whatever else you may be watching with perfect comfort.
Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Bud models
Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Buds are guaranteed to be there for you when the world around you is silent. Studies show that listening to music frequently has been found to improve mood, pain, anxiety, stress, and motivation. Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Buds are the practical choice to provide you the finest sound on the go, whether you may be going through a tough time, or even just working out. The comfort of these earbuds are perfect for all lifestyles, whether you may be working at a law firm enjoying your classical music, or a metal head enjoying some heavy vocals walking around town, or even a student bumping some tunes studying in your dorm. No matter if you choose Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Buds’ R-X10, R-M9, or R-Y1 model, all styles of earbuds will be there to help you enjoy music through all life’s ups and downs.
Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Buds
All earbud styles are light and have automatic pairing and super fast charging perfect for on the go. The earbuds even charge right in the case; staying protected while you charge them. Need to put your bluetooth device down to run over and grab something from the kitchen? No need to worry! Whether you choose Redfern’s Ultimate Ear Buds’ R-X10, R-M9, or R-Y1 models, they will still provide that high quality sound for up to ten meters with no obstacles. All earbud styles are also water resistant allowing you to still enjoy optimal sound in rain, snow or sweat. The wireless earbuds also will provide up to six hours of continuous use and a standby range of 60-100 hours with the charging box. A battery level indicator is also equipped so you will always know when to get your Ultimate buds charged. Whether you may be working out, doing work or school from home, or even just relaxing, Redfern earbuds are the ideal choice to enjoy excellent sound portably in the coming new year.