Features of The iQ Slim Tread® Foldable Treadmill

Although everyone’s health journey can look different. Staying active is universally the best way to improve health and the long term effects of aging. However, staying active isn’t always easy, and the thought of going on a walk in the pouring rain or when you just want to sit on the couch after a long day can seriously inhibit your desire to get moving. Redfern offers a solution to this with the iQ Slim Tread®. The Slim Tread is adaptable to all your needs and you no longer need an entire room or space to permanently be taken up by a treadmill. So what are the features you may ask? Here we have compiled a list of the ongoing features of the iQ Slim Tread® Foldable Treadmill

  • Fully adjustable handrails: The iQ Slim Tread®’s handrails can easily be moved to any height to fit your needs, adjust them to your height for optimal support or bring them all the way up and place your phone or tablet on the stand to watch your shows, or bring them all the way down and do leg kicks or lunges when the treadmill is moving, or use it as a stretching bar when the treadmill is stationary. The handrails can also be pulled all the way down so nothing gets in the way of your view of the TV screen 
  • Manual mode: Using the sleek bluetooth remote control allows you to adjust your speed at the touch of a button, pushing the stop button will gradually slow you down. Using the KS Fit app also allows you to control the treadmill without having to use the remote and keeps track of all of your workouts.
  • Speed: The iQ Slim Tread® goes from 0.5 to 10 kms an hour so you can get a full run, walk, or speed walk.  
  • Quiet: The iQ Slim Tread® has three layers of cushioning under the belt keeping the machine really quiet, which is perfect for apartments, watching TV, and working at a standing desk. As well, the three layers of cushioning allow for more shock absorbency of the knees allowing you to walk all day. 
  • Automatic mode: If remote control’s are not for you, simply use step on technology, controlling for speed by walking towards the front to increase speed and walking in the middle to maintain your pace, as well as walking towards the back to gradually slow the treadmill to a stop all with no remote needed. 
  • App: The iQ Slim Tread® is paired with the KS FIT app and can track all of your workouts and progress. 
  • Portable, foldable & compact: The iQ Slim Tread® can easily be folded and rolled under the bed or couch, next to the TV stand or in the closet, never taking up any unnecessary space when not in use, while allowing you to move the treadmill in front of the TV and still catch up on those shows, or even move it into the office.
  • Perfect addition to a standing desk: The iQ Slim Tread® is able to be used with standing desks as the handrails can be fully down. A standing desk can lock your knees, where adding a treadmill can avoid this while helping you get those steps in. Automatic mode also allows you to not have to use the remote to continue to focus on your work, and if you zone out, moving towards the back will slow you to a stop so you don’t have to worry about falling off 
  • Safety Features: The iQ Slim Tread® comes with a variety of safety features to make your experience feel better, the safety strap on the bars can easily be clipped onto you and will shut off the machine if any accident happens the second it is pulled.