How To Get That Perfect Heat Instantly

What's the best way to warm up that patio on those chillier summer nights? Well you might want to check out infrared heating. Infrared heating is the perfect instant solution to getting rid of the chills and making sure you are enjoying that patio all year long. Infrared heaters are becoming the number one choice for economical and safe heating both indoors and outdoors. Veito® heaters are the number one choice for infrared heaters in Canada.

Can infrared heat work for me? Can I use the Veito® heater as an outdoor patio heater?

Well, there is always so many questions about infrared heating and Veito® is the answer. From the second the power is turned on you feel the warmth and will have the comfort that you want. Veito® has many models available, some are for indoor and outdoor use, and you can easily find the perfect design to fit your electric heating needs. All across the Veito® is the infrared heating answer.

Veito® Ch1500RE is an exceptional standing heater for indoor use. It can simply be moved from one space to another and keep you comfortable and warm while saving you money. Featuring tip over protection, by turning off automatically when bumped, Veito® provides safety and comfort for the whole family. Easy to use remote control and the energy efficiency of infrared heat is sure to be enjoyed all over your home, cottage or RV.

The Veito® Blade 1500W or powerful Veito® Blade S 2500W designs will provide the most electric heat whether inside or outside, to heat a room or your patio. The IP55 rating means that units can be used outdoors and provide heat in wind, rain or snow.  Veito® Blade 1500W can be wall mounted in a permanent location or, with the available stand, becomes portable to use inside or out. Veito® Blade S 2500W is ideal for commercial use and can be mounted for indoor or outdoor use. Carbon infrared heaters make every space comfortable and can save you money by heating only the spaces that you want.

TIP: Infrared wall mounted heaters can be mounted vertically or horizontally.