How To Stay Active This Fall

Staying active starts to get harder and harder as it gets colder outside, but keeping active is still so important. Consider some of these tips to keep more active: 


  • Start with a warm up
  • It’s tempting to just start those workouts, but make sure you warm up before. Warming up doesn’t have to be a huge process, but it is going to help those muscles be ready for the bigger impact they are about to endure. Consider a 5 minute stretch and movement exercise before you get moving. Try touching your toes, reaching each arm over each side, doing some stretch lunges and really just stretching out those arms and legs. Even doing a little 5 min walk while you stretch out before that run or speed walk helps increase that heart rate and get oxygen flowing through those muscles to make you feel a lot better during that workout. 

  • Keep hydrated 
  • You’d be surprised how many people don’t drink enough water. The next time you feel exhausted when you shouldn’t, or even hungry when you just ate, consider drinking some water, as you might be a little dehydrated. Staying hydrated allows your body to function better, and will increase comfort and endurance with your workouts. Keep drinking that water all throughout the day and see how your alertness and endurance increases. 

  • Dress appropriately 
  • Wear those running shoes, or comfortable clothes you can sweat in and keep you at a good temperature. Workout clothes should suit your needs, as comfortability keeps you motivated to continue to work out. Even try investing in a new workout set, or some nice workout shoes as it might even motivate you to work out more because you want to wear your new things.

  • Get the equipment you need 
  • Obviously the outdoors does exist, but it might not always be appropriate to workout outdoors, or it might be too uncomfortable and it makes you less motivated. Just because it is cold or raining doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be keeping active. Consider investing in a yoga mat or weights to do exercises at home. However, if cardio’s your thing, but you don’t have the space, or don’t want to spend all that money, you might want to check out the iQ Slim® Tread Treadmill.  Both models are very portable treadmills and don’t take up much space. Easily slide the iQ Slim® Tread under your bed or slide it up against the wall. Even tuck that treadmill into the closet or next to the TV stand with the iQ Slim® Tread Foldable Treadmill.

  • Integrate more exercise into your life - even if it seems small
  • Going for just a 20-30 minute walk each day is shown to increase so many health benefits. Doing that yoga in the morning instead of watching TV also just keeps those muscles moving and keeps you active. Even using a standing desk with a treadmill underneath gets those steps in each day. If exercising is still not your vibe try to do a 10-20 minute walk in front of the TV in the morning, or after work, - you seriously might find it is a good way to cool down and improve your mood. Check out the iQ Slim® Tread Treadmill line up to start incorporating more of those walks and runs into your daily routine. The iQ Slim® Tread treadmill is quiet, thin, light, and easy to move, perfect for those days when you just want to watch TV or stay out of the cold weather but still get some exercise.