Prepare For Fall With Infrared Heating

With the chilly fall and winter season approaching, staying warm becomes a priority. Finding the perfect heating solution can be difficult, but fear no more with infrared heaters. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Redfern's Veito® and iQ Heat® Wave infrared heaters you don't want to miss this chilly season. 

The Veito® and iQ Heat® Wave heaters use infrared heating to provide a variety of benefits for your home or office. Infrared heating is a type of radiant heating that uses infrared radiation to transfer heat. This form of heating is different from convectional heating, which heats the air around you. Instead, infrared heating warms objects and people in the room directly. Because of this direct form of heating, staying warm is fast, easy, and effective with infrared heaters.

One benefit of using an infrared heater is that it is more efficient than other types of heaters. Convectional heaters have to heat the air around you first, and then the air heats you. This process takes longer and can be less effective, especially if there are drafts in the room. With an infrared heater, the objects and people in the room are heated directly without having to heat the air first, providing a safe and efficient way to keep you and your loves ones warm inside and outside. 

Due to the direct heating process of infrared heaters, another benefit of using the Veito® and iQ Heat® Wave is less exposure to dry air and the health problems it may create. Dry air can cause a variety of health problems including dehydration, nosebleeds, and irritated sinuses. Convectional heaters blow this dry air to heat your space, while direct heat waves are used with infrared heaters avoiding dry air exposure. Additionally, an infrared heater helps stabilize the humidify as no air is blown to warm your space, which can help reduce these health problems.

Finally, Veito® and iQ Heat® Wave infrared heaters are safer than other types of heaters because they do not use open flames, and contain many safety features. There is an automatic overheat protection setting, and tip over protection, meaning if your heater gets knocked over, it will automatically turn off to avoid injury or fire. The Veito® and iQ Heat® Wave heaters are also fully weatherproof, and can be mounted outdoors all year, or transferred portably between your outdoor space and indoor space, keeping you and your loved ones safe and warm from any space. 

If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to heat your home or office, then consider using an infrared heater. Infrared heaters transfer heat directly to objects and people in the room without having to first heat the air around them. This makes them more efficient than other types of heaters. Additionally, infrared heaters keep a stable humidity the air as they heat it and they are also safer than other types of heaters due to their extensive safety features. Check out Redfern's best selling Infrared Heaters today to prepare your space for the cold season!