The Best Cleaning Solution For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be tricky to take care of.  Everyone wants them clean and shining. If you have ever used a mop on a hardwood floor you know that it can leave streaks behind and the mop needs to be rid of almost all moisture in it or the water can damage the floors. I decided to try using my Rocket Mop® Electric as a hardwood cleaner.

The Rocket Mop® Electric comes with extension tubes for length flexibility and a floor disc with cloths that attach to the disc wheel to protect the finish on the hardwood. The Rocket Mop® Electric is portable and on rotating wheels so moving it along the floor is effortless. I just move the mop along the floor, while keeping an eye on how wet the cloth is, and as soon as I see moisture I change the cloth on the floor brush and keep going. My hardwood cleaning removes all dirt, sticky messes, dog foot prints while leaving my floor shining and sanitized, killing germs and bacteria with no chemical residue left behind.

The Rocket Electric Mop is great for:

  • Scuff marks
  • Kitchen messes
  • Muddy footprints
  • Ground-in dirt
  • Sticky liquids
  • Spills
  • Stains
  • Pet messes and more

The great way to clean in 2021 and beyond. Available at