BACKplus® Shiatsu Foot Massager with Calf Compression & Heat

Sale price$399.99


MassageLEG COMPRESSION PADS: A perfect way to help aid and improve blood circulation and enjoy your foot massage by also getting that needed leg relief.

SILVER POD DESIGN: The sleek design of the BACKplus® Shiatsu Foot Massager is the perfect luxury design that offers that high-quality and modern look.

DETACHABLE AND WASHABLE COVER: No need to feel gross about using this massager as many times as you want or sharing it with friends and family, as it can easily be cleaned whenever you please.

PRESSURE POINT CYCLE: This is the perfect mode for different and more intense foot massage stimulation for those in need of it.

SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY: A switchable heat function allows you to apply relaxing heat to ease aches and pains for your feet during yElectric Massagersour massage. As well the massager has overheat protection.

DIFFERENT MODES: The BACKplus® Shiatsu Foot Massager allows you to have a customizable foot massage for you to get the best relief and relaxation. Try air compression mode, different intensities, pressure point cycle, vibration function and so on to customize your massage to your wants and needs.

AUTOMATIC TIMER: This allows you to relax and relieve muscle tension while improving circulation and experiencing high quality Shiatsu massage in those sore feet without having to worry about anything else.
 Included with a 1 year limited warranty. 


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Customer Reviews

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Pam D
Happy feet

Exactly what I needed, I no longer have to pay $70 every 2 weeks for a foot massage, I work 12 hour shift and I’m on my feet 90% of the time, my ankles are no longer swollen, I bought mine at the CNE this year,

James Mahay

BACKplus® Shiatsu Foot Massager with Calf Compression & Heat

Emilie Plante

C’est magique. Très bel appareil


This machine is absolutely amazing. I have tried lots of different foot massagers and been disappointed with the pressure from them all but not this one. It is superb! Redfern has been a really good company to deal with as well. I am returning another purchase and they honoured their 30 day trial period.=

Well worth it

I was at the Canadian national exhibition this past summer tried the shiatsu foot massager. Kind of pricey, but I am so glad I treated myself. I have pinched nerves in my my toes. I use the massager
And compression wraps which are a bonus when you suffer from legs cramps.
I normally place $60-$80 for Reflexology and now I can do this at home. Absolutely love it.