iQ® Pure Air 3000 Air Purifier (limited time will also include the iQ50 Air Purifier.(149.99 value)

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Order now as quantities are getting low. For a limited time you will also get the iQ 50 Air purifier included in all orders.

A simple to use air purifier that will render benefits beyond your imagination. The Air Purifier iQ3000 adopts the newest purification technology that helps disinfect counter tops and other spaces. This air purifier gives a new lease of life to the degrading air quality. Install the air purifier in your home and give back the lost freshness of outdoors in the indoor space. The pungent smell of cooking, pets and smoke can foul the air fragrance but with the iQ3000 these smells are eliminated to give a fresh fragrance that keeps the house lively. The air purifier is very easy to comprehend. Just plug it in and turn it on choosing the square foot to cover and leveling the fan speed, the air purifier is ready to show its wonder.

  • Photo Catalytic Oxidation
  • Scalable Ozone Generation
  • Needlepoint Ionization
  • Pulse Ionization
  • Electrostatic Filtration

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