BACKplus® Hands On Foot Massager

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The new BackPlus® Hands On Foot Massager is equipped with a massage ball designed to fit the shape of your foot.  The large size of the massage ball allows it to reach and effectively massage the arch of your feet.

This massager also has a large heating surface that helps to heat up cold feet.  The BackPlus® Hands On Foot Massager will give you a soothing and stimulating massage experience.  It will provide you a soothing foot massage experience like being massaged by human hands in the comfort of your home.

The BackPlus® Hands On Foot Massager is the perfect way to unwind at the end of any day.  Whether you need relaxation or rejuvenation it will take care of your sore, tired and aching feet.

Featuring three adjustable speeds, large massage ball for the arch of the feet, large heaters for cold feet and an easy to use automatic program. The remote is easily used with a toe tap so there is no need to awkwardly adjust your massage. Massage options include low, medium and high massage that work at 3000 pulses per minute so you will feel the massage working instantly.

The easy to use and light weight design can be used at home, the office or any where you take it.  It has a sturdy sure grip handle and cord posts to make transport easy and anti slip rubber feet for security.

Included with a one year limited warranty.

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