iQ Handi Vac® 2 in 1 Hand & Stick Vac Vacuum with Cyclonic Action

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Marleen McKay
Best vacuum!

Purchased years ago at a craft show. Suction power unbelievable for such a small vac. Outlasted my other two brand name vacuums.
Love the convenience.

Diana Evans
Powerhouse mini vac

If this is the same item I purchased at a quilt show several years ago (and I believe it is), then this thing has been soooo worth the money! It’s handy, lightweight, and is insanely powerful. Admittedly, the collection bin is tiny, but it’s simple to empty. I keep an old toothbrush and use it to brush off the lint and whatnot that tends to stick to the filter. I’m tickled to see this is still being made and sold! Yay!

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