Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500

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Cleaning with the power of the Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer is EASY, chemical free and fast. It can be used on almost any surface including:

  • Bathrooms: toilets, showers, sinks, faucets
  • Kitchens: all appliances, counters, floors, greasy hood fans, food prep areas
  • Windows, screens, sliding glass doors, mirrors
  • Hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum, carpet
  • Cleaning grout
  • Pet stains and odours
  • Refreshing fabrics
  • Car, boat, RV, garage
  • Unclogging drains
  • Killing dust mites and mold
  • Barbecues and grills

It comes with a multitude of accessories, that neatly store on board, (see images) for all jobs, from a small directional nozzle to reach tight spaces to a floor brush to tackle the large areas. You can easily clean and disinfect your home using ordinary tap water, saving you time and money.

Hot steam vapors penetrate pores with embedded dirt in materials and on surfaces. It cleans more thoroughly than chemical cleaners. The lack of chemicals used is a huge benefit to those who are sensitive to chemicals or are trying to reduce the levels of toxicity in their homes. This is especially important around children and pets. The steam vapor is exceptionally hot, over 100°C at the tip. This heat works to weaken the physical bonds of dirt/stains on surfaces/materials. The moisture in the steam loosens dirt and kills 99% of bacteria; which is then easily wiped or rubbed clean with a towel or rag.

The Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 superheated steam, cleans efficiently leaving minimal moisture which will quickly evaporate leaving your home sparkling clean. The unit is small, light weight and portable. It features a powerful 1500W stainless steel boiler that generates steam at 5 bar pressure and emits steam at 100°C (212°F). The boiler has a large 1.6l (6 cup) capacity that can give you up to 50 minutes of cleaning and it heats up in only 8 minutes, less if filled with warm water.

Really clean with the power of steam. Fast shipping throughout Canada.

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