iQ Heat® Wave

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  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY: The carbon Infrared heater produces heat that is similar to the sun. The infrared rays emitted are easily absorbed by the items in your home, which gently increases the temperature of their surroundings. As cool surfaces heat up, infrared heaters raise the ambient temperature of the room or objects it is directed to. Since it is electric there is no combustion.
  • SAVE ENERGY: The iQ Heat Wave Heater heats up in less than 10 seconds. To instantly start to warm you and objects. Instead of cranking up the main heat, just use where needed inside in your garage, or in a cold room in the house. Save between 30-50% on heating costs. Or use it on your patio to take the chill off a cool evening.
  • SAFE & WEATHERPROOF: Built in Tip over protection and Overheat protection to automatically turn off. The weatherproof IP55 certification means it can stand up to rain, dust, sleet and snow without a problem without being covered.
  • 3 COMFORT LEVELS TO CHOOSE FROM: Sit back in your chair, and use your remote, or get up and press the button on the side. It has 3 power levels to choose the comfort of heat you desire. The built-in auto time is handy too! Choose from 0 hour to 9 hours to run the iQ Heat Wave Heater. Sit back in your chair, and use your remote, or get up and press the button on the side. Plus, it is a quiet heater.
  • WALL MOUNT OR USE WITH TRIPOD STAND: Do you need the heater in a space that is always needing extra heat? Then simply wall mount. Or if you like the idea of it being portable, use the included tripod stand that adjusts from 4 feet to 7.5 feet


Technical Specifications

  • 1500W of Power
  • 3 Power Levels of comfort to choose from
  • 120V ac
  • 60 Hertz
  • Electric Infrared heat – no combustion
  • Auto Timer – Choose between 0 hours – 9 hours
  • 5,100 Btu/h
  • Dimensions on brackets LxHxD (cm): 90 x 15 x 10
  • Weight 3.8kg (8.47lbs) or with Tripod Stand 6.74kg (12.65lbs)
  • Tip over protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Remote control or push button to operate (included)
  • Stand can extend from 112cm (3.6 feet) up to 229cm (7.5 feet)
  • Mounting brackets & Instruction manual included
  • Remote can control all units if more than one is being used
  • 1-year Ltd. warranty against manufacturing defects

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Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Beres
Looks better than our previous one. Haven’t used much.

Looks good. Haven’t used yet. Just set up.

IQ Heat Wave - Versatile Purchase

I was looking for a deck heating option - and bought the IQ Heat Wave for its versatility. It helps heat my basement for uni kids coming home & it also heated my garage well enough to keep my BC relative’s (no block heater) vehicle road worthy when -35 C temps locked in for a holiday visit. 3 great uses - that tripod is perfect.

Thanks for the review and we are glad to hear it continues to come in handy. Hopefully the BC relatives weren't too shocked with the cold snap they came in to. ;-)

Godfrey Nelson
Easy Setup

At first, I had some problems setting up the unit; I emailed customer service and they were very prompt in answering my question. After receiving the email from customer service, I had the unit assembled in less than 5 minutes. It works beautifully and does a great job, and I bought another. I plan to buy a few more for the greenhouse, so I can start seedlings in February.

Jan Therrien
Prompt service support

The heater is perfect to keep me warm when I am working on a task in my unheated garage. But this season I could not get my heater to work after bringing it out of storage. A service support person responded to my email very promptly and advised me that the displayed code (23) was telling me the unit was not at the correct angle. Problem solved! Excellent service.

Lloyd and Ann
IQ Heat Wave

My wife smokes in our unheated garage but with this unit she can turn it on and sit near it and smoke in comfort. It's very fast to heat up and to cool down when we turn it off, it's completely silent. It takes up very little room in the garage.