iQ Slim Tread Treadmill for a better healthy you.

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 One Year Warranty. Max weight is 220 lbs. It's recommended the iQ Slim Tread is placed on a flat solid surface.

iQ SlimTread FAQ’s:

What is the weight limit?

The IQ Slim tread is rated for 242 pounds, however we have had people well over 300 running on it at full speed with no issues. Everybody is different, this is why we are here at the show so you can hop on and try it out yourself. 

Can you run on it?

YES! Our Treadmill goes up to 10Km/hour, definitely faster than most of us can go, so if you are looking to break a sweat and get a good run in, this treadmill is made for you.

Is there an incline? 

The 2022 Pro Model has a built in 0.5 Incline all the time, this is the perfect amount of inclination to activate those muscle groups without damaging your knee joints. If you want to work those muscles more, without damaging your knee joints ( other treadmills with too much incline will do that! ) lower the handrail to the lowest setting, and use it as your own personal workout bar! Hold on and do lunges, leg kicks and hip swings at a low speed. 

The Treadmill has Bluetooth?

The Treadmill does have built in bluetooth so it can easily be connected to your devices. We developed an app specifically just for this treadmill, you will notice on top of the handrail is the perfect space for your iphone, android, Ipad, or tablet. We have taken all the features from the old honking treadmills and put them right on the app. The app is free with purchase of the treadmill and no monthly subscription fees. The display built into the treadmill shows you your time, km’s and speed and the app will show you additional information like your calories and your steps.

How long has this been on the market? 

Our company has been in business for over 27 years, we have been developing the IQ Slim Tread for the last 6 years, so it's given us enough time to create the perfect lightweight/foldable yet durable treadmill.   

What's the warranty like? 

Within the first year, if anything ever happens we will send you a brand new treadmill with no questions asked. After that year, feel free to contact us whenever needed and we will make sure you are taken care of and happy if anything goes wrong. We also include a complimentary 30 day money back guarantee. 

How does this compare to ones you can buy at walmarts or superstores?

We are an all canadian, local company that has been curating our slim treadmills for over 6 years. The iQ Slim Tread 2022 Pro Model  is the lightest, slimmest, and fastest treadmill on the market currently and can hold the most weight. Our 2022 model is so advanced it is beyond comparison, coming with a free interactive app and built-in sensor pads. 

How much does it weigh?

The iQ SlimTread weighs only 35 pounds on the wheels! Overall the iQ SlimTread weighs 70 pounds. (moving upstairs or downstairs? Two people can easily move this Treadmill anywhere you desire unlike the old huge ones that would require a football team to move).  

Can I put my dog on it?

Yes! We get clients sending us photos with their dogs on it all the time. Dog trainers prefer the iQ SlimTread to traditional treadmills because of the silent motor and how easy it is to use. It is not lifted off the ground so it is less intimidating for the dogs. They say a well behaved dog is a well exercised dog!

What’s the easiest way to use it for my dog?

Slide the handrails down to the shortest length, and attach the emergency stop clip to the dog's collar. This makes it super easy to train the dog, using the remote to control their speed. You can even have a treat waiting for them at the end to make them look forward to their daily exercise. 

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