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Personal humidifier and aroma therapy diffuser. This ultrasonic diffuser creates a micro fine mist of moist air to humidify and refresh the quality of the air that we breathe. You can also use aroma therapy oils in the water to create a finely scented or theraputic healing space.

The Micro Mist Pod is a healthy addition to any space. It is a personal humidifier and aroma therapy diffuser that creates a fine micro mist of moisture that humidifies the hot dry air in the summer and dry air from the furnace in the Winter.

The Micro Mist Pod moisturizes and refreshes the quality of the air we breathe as the diffuser breaks up the water into extremely fine micro particles and diffuses as a mist without heat. The moisture eases breathing, help you sleep better, moisturizes skin and eases dryness in the sinuses.

The Micro Mist Pod can also be used with essential oils creating enjoyably scented spaces or theraputic spaces. Because the mist is diffused without heat the theraputic ingredients in essential oils are not destroyed. Being delivered in a micro fine mist allows particles to stay suspended for a longer period of time.

The Micro Mist Pod also has built in safety features that will shut the unit off if knocked over or water level is below the water level sensor.

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