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The TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair the state of the art massage chair that’s designed to put your mind and body in an amazing stress free state of relaxation – so it can properly heal and repair itself all whilst enjoying a luxurious, professional full body massage, right in the privacy of your own home!

The TEBO Ultimate Massager has a set of massage wheels that can move up and down, working simultaneously for a combined effect or working independently.

• There are five simulated massage techniques: Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Tapping and Kneading together, Knocking.

• Equipped with automatic shoulder-position detection.

• Automatic Massage functions: Automatic Massage includes 12 different kinds of massage functions, including Comfortable Massage, Relaxing Massage, Stretch Massage, Shoulder and Neck Massage, Back and Waist Massage, Whole Body Massage, Protection of Vertebral (Chiropractic) Massage, Fatigue Recovery, Stretching Muscles and Activating Collaterals, Buttock Shaping, Restful Sleep, and Full Air Pressure.

• The Upper Body manual massage function allows for the Whole body, fixed point and a localized massage function. Each massage function can be adjusted to five different speeds. In fixed point and localized modes, the manipulator can adjust the position up and down. For Tapping, Shiatsu, and Knocking massage, the width of the massage ball can be set to wide, medium, or narrow.

• Air Pressure massage function offers three levels of intensity in three modes; Arms, Legs and Feet pressure, Arm pressure, and Legs and Feet pressure.

• The massage chair is equipped with a foot roller massage function.

• The Footrest has a stepless adjustable function which adapts to height.

• The Back-heat function uses carbon fibre as the far infrared heat source.

• The Chair uses slide rail technology when adjusting position to occupy the least space possible. Keep the area clear to ensure optimal function.

• The “L” backrest frame adopts curve guide technology, which conforms to the natural curve of the human back, providing continuous massage from head to thigh.

• Music playback system includes 3D audio speakers built into left and right upper arms. Use the Bluetooth® function of your smart device to play music wirelessly.

• Equipped with intelligent voice recognition function.  Tell "Alice" where you need your massage and the mode you prefer.

• The armrest control with shortcut keys features an on/off button; chair angle adjust button, pause button, auto mode button, voice wake up, heating, air pressure, foot lifting, zero gravity, and backrest adjustment.

• In the left and right lower armrests there are raised areas for the palms to receive magnetic massage therapy

• The left armrest features a USB charging dock

• LED lights in the side of both armrests.

• LCD colour screen controller.

• On shutdown, the chair automatically returns to sitting position.

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