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Real Adam
Comfortable showering at last!

This Veito mid-infrared heater is installed in our bathroom and facing the open shower space. Searching on the web for adequate infrared equipment for a bathroom, a Swiss site recommended the mid-infrared type heaters to use in the bathroom. These heaters are the same type used for an outdoors patio. The obvious benefits are : warm-up in a short time, mid-infrared radiation reaches farther and used only when needed (on demand).

Before the Veito heater, our bathroom was heated by 2 convectors totalling 3500 Watt when working together. Still, taking a shower was “half” comfortable. Half the body hot watered was fine but the other half, facing away from the water jet was getting goose bumps. We have searched for a solution to this shower chilling discomfort for the past 5 years. Heating the bathroom for 1 hour before showering with the convectors was not enough. Not using the bathroom fan was not doing any better. Now the Veito infrared heater does it right.
With the included remote control, we turn on the heater a few minutes before showering and for the evening toilet and the skin sensation is warm and pleasant. When done with the shower the heater is turned off. It is possible that we even save some electricity using the heater only when needed for the time needed. We are very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this Veito Blade 2500 W for the bathroom or the outdoors.

Also, the user manual recommends having 50 cm (20 inches) distance in every direction with walls, ceiling and various objects to avoid starting a fire or damaging said objects. Avoiding having flammable materials nearby the infrared heater is important. We do not have this much room available where we installed the Veito Blade S 2500 W. Actually, we only have 20 cm (8 inches) between the vertical heater and the nearby medicine cabinet. The heater installed in a corner is not angled to warm up all the room. Thus the medicine cabinet side wall is not heated up and does not even feel warm to the touch after a long time. More satisfaction with this purchase. We live in Quebec City, Province of Quebec, and this 2023 winter we got a few days with temperature as low or below minus 25°C (minus 15°F)

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