Enjoying The Summer Heat All Winter Long
This year be prepared for the coming cold season or even those chilly August summer nights with Veito® infrared indoor and outdoor heaters. These heaters offer the perfect compact and quick heating solutions needed to extend the outdoor season with family this holiday season. Furthermore, Veito® heaters offer an elegant and flexible design to provide optimum comfort by heating rooms indoors that may be extra chilly. 
The flexible patio heaters can be permanently mounted or used as a standing heater for inside and outside comfort. Veito® heaters are incredibly efficient at heating your space quickly by using infrared technology that helps all objects around it to radiate heat instead of being the only heat source. In addition, Veito® heaters are also waterproof and can withstand the often harsh Canadian weather conditions. Whether it is raining or snowing, the Veito® electric heater is guaranteed to provide the coziness and warmth to keep you focused on your loved ones instead of the cold. 
With the push of a few buttons a bone-chilling evening can be a cozy gathering at your ideal temperature. The functionality and modes of Veito® heaters are perfect to extend the patio season this year and keep the holiday season focused on what it is really about even during the pandemic. 
Veito Indoor Heater
In addition to the outdoor benefits, the Veito® heater can also be the optimum solution to space heating indoors during those cold winter days and nights. Whether you're baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen, wrapping gifts in the living room, or enjoying a nice break from it all by watching a movie or reading a book in the bedroom, ensuring the luxury of cozy heat is made possible with Veito® heaters. Choose comfort this year with the Veito® indoor and outdoor infrared heaters, helping you make the most out of the season. 
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