During the COVID-19 pandemic, eating and socializing outside is the best way to stay comfortable. With the winter season approaching, it is a lot more difficult to enjoy a meal outside. This year one of Redfern’s hottest products, (no pun intended) is the Veito® infrared heaters, which are the perfect solution for commercial heating in patios at restaurants.  
The fast, electric and waterproof  Veito® heaters are the perfect solution for dining outside and creating additional restaurant capacity. These efficient and rapid acting heaters can stay outside year-round without being damaged by rain or snow and offer all year comfort for customers. In addition, the heaters come in a variety of styles to enhance your restaurant’s aesthetic. Whether it is a Canadian winter day or a chilly summer evening, Veito® heaters are the perfect solution to heat the space in style. 
Veito® heaters can stay mounted outside year-round or can even be completely flexible by being on heater stands, which is perfect for temporary extended patios in all seasons. If the heaters are bumped or knocked over on the stand they will immediately turn off and begin to cool so they will not melt or damage anything around them. The heaters provide the comfort your customers need all year round while dining outside, regardless of how you choose to use them. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has really set up a difficult situation for commercial restaurants this year by limiting capacity and requiring socially-distanced seating. These heaters provide features  needed to ensure relaxing dining by having a silent design and infrared technology that works by making all objects radiate heat instead of blowing air particles. These Veito® outdoor patio heaters allow more capacity by ensuring comfortable patio seating and dining throughout the winter, providing the quality and care restaurants want to give their customers. Increasing customer comfort and revenues simultaneously is a business win.