Let's go for a run! Or walk, it's all good. ;-)

Posted on August 07 2019

Let's go for a run! Or walk, it's all good. ;-)

Everything we hear about tells us that running, jogging or walking is a recommended way to help stay fit and to also decrease the chances of getting health related issues like heart disease, diabetes and so much more. One of the biggest issues with getting more active is finding the time to do so. Even going out for a 20 min walk can be a challenge depending on your schedule, location and even the weather can be un-cooperative. One of the ways to get around some of these challenges is to run on a treadmill. But of courset that can bring it's own issues right?

One challenge is space. Most treadmills are huge and VERY heavy and they take a lot of room. Better pick a good spot because once it's set up that is likely its new home for the forseeable future. Unless you have a ton of space or home gym, like below, this won't be your best option. Looks cozy right? Maybe..but not practical. 


The best option we have found is to try and find a way to combine convenience with durability. Both can be found in the new iQ Slim Tread available here. https://redfernent.com/collections/health/products/iq-slim-tread

The great thing about this treadmill is it's ability to fit in most spaces and be used in almost every room you can think of.

Warm Up

It's tempting to just jump on the treadmill and start your workout.. A warm-up raises your heart rate, sends oxygen to your muscles, and raises their temperature so they'll be more efficient.1 Start with a 5-minute walk or easy jog.

Music or....Audiobooks?

A great way to help get through an exercise run or walk is to listen to that new book you have been wanting to read. And how good will you feel getting through 3-4 chapters while getting fitter at the same time? Mulit tasking at it's finest. 

Don't Step On or Off While the Treadmill Is Moving

Yes, I know this one seems like a no brainer but it's also one of the leading causes of injury with using a treadmill in the home. One of the biggest causes of injuries on treadmills is jumping or falling off a fast-moving treadmill.5 If you need to run to the bathroom, grab a towel, or get some water, slow the machine down to a very reduced pace.

Stay Hydrated

So important! You can lose even more water running on a treadmill than you would if you were running outside, since there's little air resistance to help to keep you cool. Drink at least 4 to 6 ounces for every 20 minutes you are running on the treadmill.

Cool Down

If you've ever felt a little dizzy, or like you're still moving, after taking that first step off the treadmill, it's most likely because you didn't cool down at the end of your run. You may feel like jumping off the treadmill as soon as the timer hits your goal. But stopping suddenly can cause light-headedness, because your heart rate and blood pressure drop rapidly. Winding down slowly allows them to fall gradually.

Be Prepared

Treadmill Clothes : Regardless of your pace, you'll most likely get your sweat on. As such, we recommend a comfortable shirt or T-shirt and a good pair of shorts. Wear your regular running shoes — just make sure they are clean. 

Good luck and stay focused. With the right work and proper attention, you can come out of this with improved form and better fitness. You don't need to run a marathon but having this in your home is a great step in improving your overall health and allow you to have a better quality of life. You may be amazed at how making these small changes can carry oiver into other parts of your lifestyle.


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