The Joys of Taking a Shower!

The ShowerMe® Handheld unit is a great design that will make any decor modern and alive. Simple to install with water diverter and suction cup wall mounted holder you can’t go wrong.

The handheld ShowerMe® can be simply removed form the holder to direct the spray of water right where you want it to go.  Making it easy to clean the shower, the pets or you!

The ShowerMe® Handheld  is the ideal shower head to any shower and features two spray styles. Saturating spray that takes advantage of your water pressure and an Oxygenic spray that is a water saver.  With a sleek modern design the unit will enhance any decore making it a welcome addition to any bathroom.  A long 60" hose that attaches easily to any existing shower with an easy to install water diverter, which is included with your order.

Now you will have the perfect tool for rinsing the shower after use, rinsing the shower after cleaning or giving the kids their cleaning.

Ships directly to you across Canada from our Calgary warehouses.