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The Benifits of the BP7000 Abosolute Massage Chair

Relief for back/neck/waist/hip/legs

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Reduce Stress

The Backplus® 7000 Absolute Massage Chair is a great way to reduce stress. 

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Improve Sleep

The Benifits of relaxed muscles and lower stress means a better way to improve your sleep.

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Muscle Aches

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in North America. Easing muscle aches and pains can help reduce back issues before they become serious.

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Reduce Tension

The reduction of tension can result in overall flexibilty, well being and blood circulation.

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Auto Body Curve suspension

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How it works

4 Reasons why your Backplus® 7000 Absolute Massage Chair can Help
(and so much more)


4D Massage Technology


Shiatsu Massage Setting


Kneading Setting to Relieve Tension


Tapping Setting stimulates your body energy.

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9 massage technique

DIscover for yourself why Canadians are choosing the Backplus® 7000 Absolute Magnificent Massage Chair for muscle and stress relief. 

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What our customers say

Rio H 

Edmonton, AB

Great price, great quality, and great customer service. My back has never been better.

Dan B 

Calgary, AB

I have had sleep problems for years but this chair has changed the way I relax before bed and now I sleep great.

Hannah R 


I wanted to get my parents a massage chair that would help them the way they have helped me. Glad to say they love it and have seen improved circulation and mobility.


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