New BACKplus® 7000 Absolute Massage Chair

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Get relief from sore backs by sitting tight all day with the Backplus 7000 Abolute Massage chair that gives you an extraordinary massage time by simply sitting on a chair. With exceptional technology, modern design and an amazing therapeutic technique, this massage chair beats all other massage chairs available in the market.

A soothing massage can relax tension throughout the body, and many people find the natural release of endorphins preferable to prescriptions that can lead to dependency and uncomfortable side effects.

Give yourself relief from aching muscles and sore joints with the therapeutic muscle massage that stretches the entire body nodes and leads to increased blood flow. It guarantees immense relaxation and imparts strength to your body. The Backplus Massage Chair comes with a full function remote control that you can use to choose 9 different types of settings. This is your one stop solution for all backache and tiring muscle problems

Improve sleep 

Lower Heart Rate

Reduce stress

Manage muscle aches

Reduce muscle tension

Increase energy levels

The BP7000 Absolute Massage Chair combines world class technology ,innovation and therapeutic massage techniques to give you an unprecedented massage experience.

Designed to deliver therapeutic muscle massage, whole body stretching modes and improved health, increased blood flow and relaxation.

Full function remote control. Over 9 massage techniques.

Voice activated.  Tell where you want the massage

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